Swimming Pools, Supplies & Accessories

From Above Ground Pools to water maintenance products, we’ve got you covered.

Fun (and functional) pool supplies for all your needs

Create your own backyard paradise with our huge selection of swimming pool supplies, accessories and water care maintenance products, all hand-picked to help you enjoy your pool throughout the swimming season.

There’s something for everyone available, with a wide variety of pool and spa products in-store to browse through.

Something for the Kids

  • Swim goggles
  • Swim masks
  • Pool toys
  • Swimming aids
  • Pool noodles
  • Water games
  • Buoyancy aids
  • Nose Clips and Ear Plugs

Something for the Adults

  • Floating lounge chairs
  • Floating mattresses
  • Floating drinks holders
  • Patio chairs
  • Outdoor umbrellas

Something for the Pool

  • Automatic pool cleaners
  • Sand filters
  • Filter sand
  • Pool salt
  • Hayward pool parts
  • Polaris pool parts
  • Pool chemicals
  • Pool pumps

Trevi and Vogue Pools

Looking for a new pool?

We have the latest above-ground swimming pools available.


Seagrass by Trevi

The Seagrass Series pool is a good option for those with both space and budget constraints. The pool features steel top seats and uprights, resin seat caps.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 18′, 24′ and 27′ (52″ deep)

Conquest Oval

Conquest 52″ by Vogue

The Conquest series pool features a 7″ top ledge and 6″ uprights. Coated Steel bottom rail, resin-shield coating, Dorado wall pattern and has a two full year warranty.

 AVAILABLE SIZES: 18′, 21″, 24′ and 27′ round

Element swimming pool

Element 52″ by Vogue

The Element series pool is salt compatible. It is a 52″ injection-molded resin top ledge and uprights with steel walls finished with Duratex 2000 anti-corrosion paint. 5 year full warranty.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 18′, 24′ and 15’x30′ oval

Sentinelle Pool

Sentinelle 54″ by Vogue

The Sentinelle series pool is salt compatible. Features 9″ resin top ledge and 8″ uprights with steel walls finished with 14 coatings of Duratex 2000 anit-corrosion steel wall paint. 5 year full warranty.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 24′, 27′ and 15’x30’oval

Thinking of taking the plunge with a new above-ground pool?

Financing is available.